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Personal data protection

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General conditions

Reservations must be made ​​online at least 12 hours before departure so it could be processed in a timely manner. Once you make a reservation online, please check if all dates and times of the travel are correct. If the personal data and travel dates or times were filled wrong, the passenger risks losing its place reservation in the bus (bus, car).

The passenger is obliged to arrive at the place of departure at least 20 minutes before the time listed in the course schedule. The airport departures can’t be delayed due to late passengers. Passengers who arrive at the minibus with less than 10 minutes before departure risk losing their reservation of the place in the bus (bus, car), without the benefit of returning all or part of the fare for travel. Any delay attracts unilateral responsibility of the late passenger.

Methods of payment

At both agency and car driver you can pay cash.

It is mandatory that the ticket payment to be made before or on the day of transfer. Payment can be made at the latest on boarding the car, at the driver.

Payment can be made in RON, EURO or USD as follows:

  • If you want to make the payment to the driver in EURO, you have to pay 20 EURO / transfer
  • If you want to make the payment to the driver in USD, you have to pay 30 USD / transfer
  • If you want to make the payment to the driver in RON, you have to pay 70 RON/transfer

Delays / Cancellations / Changes

Each passenger will be notified 24 h before by phone, letter or email about the date, time and place of embarkation.

If you find a flight delay, please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email, in order to optimize immediate transfer. In this case, according to the delay, the passenger will be reallocated immediately to the following transfer.

Our Company will endeavor to carry the passenger and his luggage within a reasonable time. Times shown on the voucher, on the timetables and elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of the contract of carriage. Our Company disclaims any liability for delays or interruption of weather conditions or waiting times in situations in which the traffic is blocked, restricted or diverted, and (or) for losses incurred by passengers as a result of these delays.

Our Company reserves the right to cancel a race if a terrorist attack, blockade, strike, weather conditions, social movements, technical problems of buses (minibuses, cars) or other circumstances that could hinder the trip.

The transfer Voucher can be canceled at least 5 days prior to embarkation. The passenger should write us a request by mail for this purpose or should came at the agency. The application must include identification of the passenger, route, vehicle number, date and time of signing (the data can be taken from the boarding ticket) and the account where the money will be transferred. If the conditions above are not followed, the request will not be taken into consideration.

If the cancellation request was made ​​within the period stated above, the passenger will receive the ticket counter value within 30 days of the submission.


Our Company assumes no responsibility for luggage. The responsibility rests entirely to the passenger, unless the damage is a fault of the driver and the passenger could prove it. Our Company is not responsible for loss or damage of goods and valuables such as (money, jewelry, art, cameras, video, computers, etc.) in the luggage of passengers. The passengers are required to supervise their own luggage during stops, disembarking or boarding route.

Passengers are required to submit any claim related to loss (theft) or damage to luggage upon arrival to the crews and confirm in writing within 48 hours of arrival. Any subsequent claim will not be considered.

Passenger’s obligations

It is forbidden to passengers: to damage or soiling bus (minibus, car), obstructing the driver or any other person from the crew in the performance of specific tasks, causing inconvenience or discomfort bus passengers (bus, car) or other road users. Smoking, inappropriate behavior and consumption of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the means of transport.

Our Company reserves the right to refuse carriage or interrupt carriage without the right to compensation or reimbursement of the ticket price if the passenger does not comply with the contract of carriage, violates the laws of Romania and the other countries by traveling, if he is in a state indicating a contagious disease, has uncivilized behavior in the bus or to other passengers and endanger the safety of other passengers so disturbing journey.


The attempts of unauthorized access to the site including but not limited to any attempt to access personal data of another user, modify site content or affect server performance will be considered an attempt to defraud the site and will be reported to the competent authorities, setting in motion the criminal investigation against those who have tried this.


Will be excluded from the site or ignored opinions or complaints containing abusive or inappropriate language. The administrator is free to manage information received without having to provide justification for it.

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